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Beyond Clean Water Quality Expert

If  your washers are working correctly, it probably isn't bioburden. Or is it?

-Jonathan Wilder, Ph.D.
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Straight from the Water Quality expert

#4 - July - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.jpg

"If the return on investment meets your facility's threshold, you may just get what you ask for. But how good is..."

Final August - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.jpg

"Basic or alkaline solutions and detergents are highly effective at destruction of biological material on..."

Final September - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.jpg

"Water softening is a tried and true approach to decreasing hardness. It isn't free, and it adds..."

Final October - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.jpg

"The aggressiveness index measures how aggressive water is toward copper plumbing. Copper plumbing is used..."

Final November - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.jpg

"But what causes the conductivity to increase? Contaminants in the water, especially those that are..."

Final December - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

"If these elements are found in water that surgical instruments are processed in, they can and will..."

Final January - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

"Why is it called "stainless steel" and under what circumstances is it not "stainless"? It is called stainless steel..."

Final Februrary - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

"To decrease the amount of TOC in utility water, activated carbon filters are the answer. But..."

#3 - June - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

"If you have enough critical water, you should always use it for final rinse. You may need two final rinses if you..."

#2 - May - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

""Critical" water has specified maximum contaminant levels that establish a minimum purity level. So, what do..."

#1 - April - Jonathan Wilder Expert Series.png

"So...if you use water that isn't pure enough, you won't get the instruments clean. And that means that..."

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