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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 20

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Why Infection Prevention is Your Team's PPE Powerhouse - 1 CE

Which group adapts faster; a harmful pathogen or an Infection Preventionist working to keep patients and Sterile Processing professionals safe? As the public health emergency of the pandemic officially comes to a close, Infection Preventionists have played a monumental role in recent years across every spectrum of healthcare. What has that look like in supporting proper PPE use in particular? Season 20 of the Beyond Clean podcast, "Armed & (Compliantly) Dangerous," is all about personal protective equipment (PPE), and in this episode, Jill Holdsworth, Manager of Infection Prevention at Emory Health-Midtown outlines her dynamic approach to staff safety. Using a unique combination of firsthand observation, just-in-time training, and even new technology like podcasts and virtual reality, Jill demonstrates the type of robust education required for keeping emerging risks at bay.

Join us on the final episode of Season 20 to learn about the partnerships with infection prevention that will make the difference for frontline staff. We discuss the factors that impact compliance with PPE, get an inside look at how Sterile Processing professionals can work in the field of infection prevention, and dive into the new Protective Barrier (PB) 70 standard from AAMI.

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All Hands on Decon

Our Glorious Gloves - 1 CE

The gauntlet has officially been thrown down! In the hands-on field of sterile processing, it’s gloves on for the fight against pathogens, punctures, and potential safety hazards. Season 20 of the Beyond Clean podcast, "Armed & (Compliantly) Dangerous," is all about personal protective equipment (PPE), and in this episode Randalyn Walters, Clinical Education Manager for Belimed, steps in the ring to lay out what you need to know about gloves. Join us as we take on both sides of one of the most hotly debated topics in sterile processing and outline the OSHA guidelines for keeping you and your team safe. Randalyn shares her experience as both a sterile processing leader and a frontline technician in addressing skin irritation from gloves, proper donning and doffing practices, and dealing with the dreaded waterlogged gloves. It’s a can’t miss episode on this season of Beyond Clean!

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Ready for reprocessing

It Comes Down to the Gown - 1 CE

When you’re working in Sterile Processing, PPE gowns are more than a fashion statement. Are you dressed to the nines? Is your protective equipment in a class of their own? And most importantly, do your gowns match your shoe covers?  Season 20 of the Beyond Clean Podcast is all about personal protective equipment (PPE) and in this episode we discuss how the fit and function of decontamination gowns can be a significant factor in keeping you safe. Keicha Brock is the CEO of Eyes to See Management and Consulting and brings her by-the-book and hands on expertise to this conversation. 

Keicha gives us a run down on the finer points of gowns, and helps us understand their class, level, and critical zones of protection. Whether you are in SPD leadership, or working as a frontline technician, knowing more about the barrier between you and bacteria will help make sure you are dressed for the occasion.   

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The price is (not Always) Right

PPE Purchasing for SPD - 1 CE

Let’s get down to business! What would it look like if the person responsible for purchasing your PPE knew firsthand how vital these supplies are to protecting Sterile Processing staff? 

Season 20 of the Beyond Clean podcast, "Armed & (Compliantly) Dangerous," is all about personal protective equipment (PPE), and in this episode, Matthew Frederick, Perioperative Business Manager AND Sterile Processing Manager in Kentucky walks us behind the scenes of purchasing PPE. In a post-pandemic world, supply chain is at the center of an ever-changing landscape, and getting the right price for the right equipment is Matthew’s area of expertise.  Using data, knowledge of the business side of healthcare, and frontline Sterile Processing experience, his organization is able to do right by both technicians, and the budget. 

So “come on down” as this week we dive into Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs), backorders, and the delicate balancing act for facilities between quality and making sure “The Price is Right." In a world that tries to stretch a dollar out of fifteen cents this is an episode that pulls back the business curtain and may even shine a spotlight on new career options for Sterile Processing team members.

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Scrubs PPE Etiquette

These Scrubs Aren't Made for Walking - 1 CE

Whether they are OR green, bio-burgundy, or powder blue, scrubs in any color are the first line of defense in your sterile processing PPE. But what are the best practices when it comes to the base layer of protection? Season 20 of the Beyond Clean podcast, "Armed & (Compliantly) Dangerous," is all about personal protective equipment (PPE) and in this episode Afif Escheik, Regional Director of Operations at Crothall Healthcare lays out the guidance to keep you, your central sterile team, and even your vendors covered.  When it comes to scrubs, answers can be harder to find than a XXL top at the bottom of the pile. Should you wear the scrubs that were just in decontamination into the cafeteria? What are the risks of taking scrubs home with you? And what is the best way to make sure the size you get, will actually fit? We cover these questions and more as we get into the studies performed around scrub safety. If your team is building policies and practices related this important piece of PPE, this is the episode for you!

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Not in our house

A Team Approach to Decon Protection - 1 CE

Of all of the songs on your decontam playlist, “As Cold as Ice” isn’t likely to be one of them. Under layers of gowns, masks, face shields and other PPE, the temperature in your decontamination areas can skyrocket, presenting a real risk to engagement and even employee safety.  Season 20 of the Beyond Clean Podcast is all about personal protective equipment (PPE) and in this debut episode we discuss how one team used collaboration and innovation to help address one of the most common barriers in Decontam.  Join Vanessa Cavanaugh, SPD Educator, LaShonda Rhodes, Advanced Medical Supply Technician, and Shannon Stankinas, Advanced Medical Supply Technician, as we discuss a proactive approach that brought together leaders from Central Sterile, the Operating Room, and frontline technicians. They’ll share with us how they innovated an existing piece of PPE and walk us through the process of trialing a new solution. If you want to reduce the risk of employees in decontam becoming soiled by splashes or burned out from burning up, this is the episode for you.  

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A step above the rest

Confronting Shoe Contamination -
1 CE

As the expression goes, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” But how do we make sure those steps are taken with shoes that are comfortable, clean, and above all, compliant? Should your Sterile Processing shoes be department dedicated, covered around the clock, or even sterilized? Season 20 of the Beyond Clean podcast, "Armed & (Compliantly) Dangerous," is all about personal protective equipment (PPE), and in this episode Kenneth Campbell, Director of Sterile Processing at Berkshire Medical Center, shows what it means to go above and beyond for technician and patient safety. Using his years of experience in the field and his ability to talk data with the C-suite, Kenneth drove a quality improvement project that reduced cross contamination and improved employee satisfaction. We discuss how he addressed an industry gap around shoes in decontamination in a way that lasts much longer than a wet shoe cover. It’s a conversation that speaks to international best practices and may be that piece you need to be a step above the rest. 

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Facing off on gaps 

With Face Shields & Masks - 1 CE

When you’re face-to-face with pathogens day in and day out, it’s more important than ever that shields and masks aren’t a gap in your PPE armor. With caustic chemicals, emerging pathogens, and deadly diseases in decontamination, proper masks and face shields are critical for the health of you and your team. Season 20 of the Beyond Clean Podcast is all about personal protective equipment (PPE) and in this episode we discuss the gaps in processes and products that may be putting sterile processing technicians at risk. Join Tamara Behm, Interim Infection Preventionist and consultant, as she shares the infection prevention perspective on face masks and shields in decontamination. This week’s podcast goes into the “why” behind the PPE questions Infection Prevention and Control asks when they round, discusses the perfect face shield, and sheds light on the technical skills behind donning and doffing PPE safely. In a field dedicated to patient safety, the insights and education in this episode can be an extra layer of armor that keeps frontline technicians safe!

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