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What is Sterile Processing Week?

Before we can answer "What is Sterile Processing week?" we first must answer "What is Sterile Processing?" Deep inside hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics around the globe there is a team of clinical heroes working 24/7 to ensure every surgery is a safe surgery -- from the smallest pediatric heart Procedure to the most common appendectomy, and every surgery in between. Most patients never see these heroes or understand the tremendous impact they have on the outcome of their procedures, but this doesn't stop their passionate commitment to fight dirty, every instrument every time.

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rock out with beyond the tunes

In honor of Sterile Processing Week 2023, we're bringing Sterile Processing recognition to the airwaves with the industry's FIRST Sterile Processing Album, "Beyond the Tunes." Get ready to turn up the volume and rock out while you are out there fighting dirty, every instrument, every time! 

Album Cover Artwork.jpg

🎧Track #1: So Clean

🎧Track #2 : Pay Day

🎧Track #3 : Playing Second Fiddle

🎧Track #4 : Millions of Stars 

🎧Track #5 : Go Beyond 

🎧Track #6: It Doesn't Always Have to Be This Way

🎧Track #7: Wildfire

🎧Track #8: Major Tray

FREE artwork for your department

In celebration of Sterile Processing Week 2023, Beyond Clean is proud to offer these unique art prints available for FREE DOWNLOAD, to print as posters or signage for your department hallways, breakrooms, or locker rooms. Show off your Sterile Processing pride with these exclusive prints today!

celebrate sp week in style

Gear up to fight dirty in style with our exclusive Beyond Clean merch! Check out our Amazon Store today to shop this year's hottest gifts you and your department will love. Click now to start shopping today!

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