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Beyond Clean uv disinfection Expert

UV based technology is broadly applied in healthcare facilities worldwide with great opportunities for the future.

-Daan hoek
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Straight from the uv disinfection expert

March 2024 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"Natural disinfectants are environmentally safer but may be less effective and potentially damaging to..."

February 2024 - Daan Hoek Expert Series (1).png

"UV technology offers several advantages for HLD, including time efficiency, reduced energy..."

December 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"UV-C light, with its antimicrobial properties, emerges as a pivotal tool in combating HAIs and..."

November 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"By embracing UV disinfection, healthcare facilities can enhance safety, reduce waste, and contribute to..."

October 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"UV technology's broad activity against various pathogens makes it suitable for high-risk healthcare settings..."

May 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"Closed UV disinfection devices are manufactured for the disinfection of products and small medical..."

April 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"The presence and effectiveness of UV radiation can only be accurately measured with..."

March 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"The ENT scope manufacturer guarantees that the product can be safely disinfected with..."

February 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"With the right equipment and correct protocol, UV light based disinfection is a fast, sustainable and effective..."

January 2023 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"UV based devices should be on, checked on the right registration, sufficient clinical validation, and..."

December 2022 - Daan Hoek Expert Series.png

"This is why UV light is used as a highly effective disinfectant (among other things) and it can achieve a..."

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