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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 15

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Learning to love chemicals

Basic Training for Sterile Processing Technicians - 1 CE

Take one step into a Sterile Processing department and you are immediately surrounded by chemicals. There are detergents, pretreatments, disinfectants, lubricants, descalers, fixatives, sterilants, and more. Some are flammable, others corrosive, and still others dangerous to our health. How do you even begin to educate your technicians on this wide range of chemical complexity? On our final episode of Season 15, we wrap up "The Chemical Epicenter" with Kenneth Batton, Beyond Clean Advisory Group member and Educator at Penn State Health to discuss the basics of cultivating a love of chemical knowledge in our technicians from their very first day in the department. Tune in for tangible ideas and takeaways for your team to build safer departments, higher chemical competency, and greater effectiveness with your chemical usage. And thanks again for making Season 15 an historical, record-breaking season for our team at Beyond Clean! We love you #CleanFreaks!

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from microbiology to medical devices

The Validation Science Behind Our Chemicals - 1 CE

What goes into validating Sterile Processing chemicals prior to them making their way into our departments on the next semi-trailer backing up to the hospital dock? What must these chemicals be able to do before an independent laboratory validation scientist says they are good to go?  On this episode 5 of Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we talk to Alpa Patel, B.S., RM(NRCM) Principal Scientist at Nelson Laboratories, LLC to go behind the scenes in the life of a validation scientist, and ask many of the common questions related to chemicals & medical devices used in the Sterile Processing industry. Tune in for a few myth-busting moments and a ton of great information about how laboratories around the globe are contributing to the larger mission of taking every surgical instrument #BeyondClean. We hope you enjoy! 

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Chemicals by the numbers

Usage, Conversions, & Strategic Planning - 1 CE

Every chemical has a cost, and every chemical conversion in Sterile Processing has its challenges -- both for frontline users dealing with the new chemicals as well as department leaders coordinating contracts, equipment, dosing, and training. On this episode 2 of Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we speak with Sara Vinson, Director of Sterile Processing at UF Health and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, about the important insights every user & vendor should consider as they confront chemical usage & purchasing in their Sterile Processing departments. Even chemicals developed to accomplish the same goals (such as manual cleaning) often have different delivery systems, dosing recommendations, concentrations, and costs. Tune in for this transparent conversation about budgets, chemicals, and the teams who take their instruments Beyond Clean!

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Yeah, But do my Chemicals

Really Work? - 1 CE

What's the difference between cleaning verification and chemical efficacy testing? Or in other words, how do you know that your chemicals in Sterile Processing are actually doing what the bottle says they should be doing? On this episode 7 of Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we sit down with Greg Sautter, Sales Manager at Serim Research Corporation to discuss industry standards and expectations when it comes to verifying our chemical-driven processes in Sterile Processing. Tune in for answers to those chemical testing questions you've always had rolling around in your head, and hear a couple of the big chemical myths busted by our guest! This is one conversation you won't want to miss. 

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Endoscope Bedside Cleaning or Conditioning - 1 CE

What's so difficult about developing chemicals specifically for endoscope reprocessing? How does time come into play in how these chemicals are designed, delivered, and behave during use?  On this episode 4 of our record-breaking Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we bring back one of our all time favs, Kristopher Murphy, PhD, and Directory of Chemistry at Cantel Medical (now a part of STERIS) to dive into the middle of the complex, time-sensitive challenge of bedside cleaning endoscopes. Tune in for a frank discussion on chemical formulating, efficacy, and practical concerns related to taking your flexible endoscopes #BeyondClean. If you've ever wondered about how & why your chemicals work -- or sometimes don't, this conversation will be right up your alley! We hope you enjoy! 

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Cavitation, Chemicals, & Cleaning

The Ultimate Ultrasonic Conversation - 1 CE

What, if anything, is different about how chemicals are used in and interact with our ultrasonic cleaners? If a chemical works in the sink will it work in this supercharged cavitation dynamo, and vice versa? Kicking off our brand new Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we speak with Tom Overbey, previous Beyond Clean Ultrasonic Expert Series™ contributor and media consultant to IAHCSMM/HSPA about the interesting world of imploding bubbles, ultrasonic energy, and the chemical questions surrounding this equipment. It's a great start to a fantastic season tailor-made to satisfy your chemical cravings and help your Sterile Processing team go Beyond Clean! Tune in and feel the rumble of fresh education hitting airwaves and AirPods near you!

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Scoping in our chemicals

What You Need to Know About the ST91 Updates - 1 CE

Every Sterile Processing department has responsibility for some type of endoscope reprocessing -- whether that is small diameter rigid scopes (such as arthroscopes) all the way up to complex, large diameter flexible scopes (such as duodenoscopes). At every stage of reprocessing, certain chemicals come into use to ensure these scopes are reprocessed safely & compliantly. On this episode 6 of Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we bring back our #1 highest downloaded guest in the history of the Beyond Clean podcast, Mary Ann Drosnock, Director Clinical Affairs at Healthmark Industries to take us on a deep dive into endoscope reprocessing chemicals & workflows. Tune in for this fact-fueled conversation with one of the leading medical device reprocessing experts in our industry and get a preview regarding the new AAMI ST91 document which will be releasing soon!

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et Phone...o?

Taking the Unknown Out of Ethylene Oxide - 1 CE

Few chemicals in our industry are as polarizing and (perhaps) misunderstood as ethylene oxide gas (EtO / EO). Is it dangerous? Completely safe? Still in use? Going away? Or coming back for good reason? On this episode 3 of Season 15, "The Chemical Epicenter," we speak with Sean Weir, Sterile Processing Educator at UPMC and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, about his first hand experiences with EO sterilant, equipment and workflow. We talk to Sean about how department leaders, educators, and technicians should consider addressing this chemical during onboarding, and his adamant stance that our industry think twice about the language of "low temperature sterilization." Tune in for this frontline conversation about how this unique chemical is taking millions of medical devices & supplies Beyond Clean each and every year. We hope you enjoy! 

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