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Sterile Processing

What is Sterile Processing? Sterile processing is the cleaning, inspecting, disinfection and/or sterilization of medical devices used during a surgical procedure. The professionals in the hospital responsible for these tasks play a critical role in a healthcare facility’s ability to provide safe patient care- every instrument, every time.


Medical errors remain the cause of 440,000+ deaths every year. Healthcare associated infections affect 1.7 million people in the US alone each year and 25% of those are specifically associated with surgical site infections- an infection at the site of a surgical procedure.


There is no silver bullet when it comes to patient care- no “one thing” that will fix medical errors and surgical site infections. At Beyond Clean, we understand that safe surgical outcomes require precision, attention to detail, skillful craft, and a whole lot of heart from all who interact directly or indirectly with the patient experience, especially Sterile Processing professionals. 


The partnerships we forge with companies that offer medical devices, instrument tracking systems, reprocessing equipment, and more, and the education we provide bring to life the real challenges that healthcare professionals face and provide ideas for meeting those challenges with tenacity. Are our ideas audacious at times? Absolutely. But, we think these kinds of ideas are what will bring true progress. Our loved ones deserve it.

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How can we help your facility fight dirty? Contact us today! 

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