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Season 1, episode 1

On Episode 1 of Beyond the Tour, we feature Andersen Sterilizers, an American manufacturer who has been innovating in the infection control space for over 60 years. Andersen Products was founded in 1958 and began its medical business in Oyster Bay, New York in 1963 with the manufacture of a new design for a nasogastric tube. The need to sterilize these tubes led to the development of the Anprolene line of ethylene oxide sterilizers. Today the product line includes two types of gas sterilizers (Anprolene and EOGas), with their associated chemical and biological sterilization monitors, nasal gastric tubes, wound drains and thoracic pumps. In addition to its presence in the U.S., the company sells to affiliated Andersen British and California corporations, and distributors in many other foreign countries.


The educational theme that came out of this behind the scenes documentary episode is the topic of informed consent from the perspective of medical device reprocessing, sterilization, and public awareness of the challenges in our industry. As Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals on the frontline, we have access to important quality & safety information that the general public does not. We know if and when there are process short cuts being taken. We are aware when dirty instrumentation makes its way into the Operating Room suite. We understand the impact that limited inventory and inadequate equipment has on our ability to serve surgical patients. Ultimately, we see the challenge of meeting the need for a truly “informed” patient population – one that recognizes the importance of the Sterile Processing department’s role in the surgical experience, and is able to effectively support our mission to improve surgical outcomes, every instrument, every time.

CE PRESENTATION: Informed Patient Consent: A Sterile Processing Perspective

ABOUT BEYOND THE TOUR: Healthcare manufacturers around the globe are constantly trying to innovate at the speed of infection. Join us as we introduce you to the leaders in our industry and increase public awareness of the challenges facing sterile processing professionals around the world.

"Thank you all so much for the tremendous amount of hard work and time you put into our video and the premier. I can’t express how much this means to the entire Andersen Ohana. The video still brings me close to tears with the way you showcased the true heart of Andersen,  the individuals who are behind the scenes and our history. I am very thankful for all of you and the amazing work you do."


-Maria Zink, US Sales Manager, Andersen Sterilizers

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