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Season 1, episode 2

 On Episode 2 of Beyond the Tour, we feature Innovative Sterilization Technologies (IST), a sterilization products manufacturer in Dayton, Ohio, and the makers of ONE TRAY® rigid sterilization container. IST was founded in 2013 with the goal of delivering products to maximize efficiencies during the reprocessing of reusable medical devices. Their team continues to validate their products to ensure they meet industry reprocessing guidelines. IST's mission is to provide the highest quality sterilization products and reliable service to their customers. They are committed to educating the industry on how new technology affects current practices and guidelines by creating an environment that benefits not only the user but supports them in their effort to provide One Standard of Care.

The educational theme that came out of this episode is the topic of industry disruption in medical device reprocessing, and the impact new technologies have on clinical education and industry guidelines. As Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals on the frontlines, we will all encounter disruptive technologies and products at some point in our careers. The impact this disruption has on our teams, workflow, and broader industry depends largely on our ability to prepare for and manage change in our departments. Industry disruption itself looks different depending on if you are viewing it as a manufacturer, regulatory, or user perspective. Creating a deeper understanding of these issues across these different stakeholders is critical for the ongoing innovation of our industry and for successfully navigating the difficult challenges that come with rapid, wide-scale change.


CE PRESENTATION: Industry Disruption: Navigating Change in Sterile Processing

ABOUT BEYOND THE TOUR: Healthcare manufacturers around the globe are constantly trying to innovate at the speed of infection. Join us as we introduce you to the leaders in our industry and increase public awareness of the challenges facing sterile processing professionals around the world.

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