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Beyond Clean Borescope Experts

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Now that we have this technology, we've opened up 50% of the device that's probably the most challenging to clean and reprocess.

-Andy Sundet & Jenni Gibbs

Straight from the Borescope experts

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Episode 1: These experts dive into the importance of introducing borescope technology into your department's workflows. They’ll answer the most commonly asked questions, including: Why are borescopes essential tools for SPDs? 

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Episode 2: Andy & Jenni share their tips to help you advocate for borescope implementation in your SPD. They'll guide you through the process of showcasing the critical role of borescopes in ensuring patient safety and driving cost savings!

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Episode 3: Join our experts as they break down the key elements of creating an effective borescope process for your SPD. From documentation to data-driven decision-making, they will provide you with the tools you need to build a process that empowers and elevates your department's quality standards!

Contact These Experts

Do you have questions about borescope?

You can reach Andy at:

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