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Perk & Pack coffee


Introducing "Perk & Pack," the world's 1st coffee blend crafted exclusively for YOU #CleanFreaks! When the purpose of waking up is to #FightDirty, this coffee will keep you energized to win the war on bioburden, every instrument, every time. Smell it, taste it, enjoy it. This is our coffee!

❤️ We wanted to bring a brew to our industry that means something to us. 

❤️ We wanted a coffee that, with every caffeinated sip, reminds frontline Sterile Processing professionals that they are not alone in their mission to #FightDirty-- that thousands, or tens of thousands of other #CleanFreaks just like them are smelling the same smell and tasting the same taste as they wake up to wage war on bioburden

Order your department or favorite Sterile Processing team a bag HERE! 

☕ 12 oz bag - $16.00 (Great for personal use) (get 10% off with a monthly subscription)
☕ 5 lb bag - $96.00 (Great for department use) (get 10% off with a monthly subscription)


Get ready to elevate your morning coffee game! Indulge in a fresh cup of "Perk & Pack" brew with our exclusive Beyond Clean "Certified #CleanFreak" Tumbler – the perfect blend of style and Sterile Processing pride. Don't miss out on this must-have accessory -- order now and let your tumbler be the talk of your SPD!

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