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Vendor Policy Challenges - Part I - The Facility Approach

It’s easy to complain about the reps being a problem for the facility. What’s harder is understanding the different factors leading to those issues (so many trays, late delivery, etc.).

Realistically, there are challenges on both sides. Because of this complexity, I’m breaking this into two parts: One reviewing how facilities can better approach their policies, and another outlining the rep’s experience.

For facilities: My first question would be if your surgeons know about the policies you have in place? As it was the key strategy for How to reduce late loaned tray deliveries, surgeon engagement is a critical component.

If your surgeon doesn’t support your policies, I guarantee the rep is viewing them as suggestions. They know if something happens, the surgeon will support them. When you have a surgeon ally, they’ll actually help you hold the rep accountable.

In discussing with your Surgeons, you should have a focus of what part of your policies are most important and how it can directly impact them and their patient. Is it on-time delivery? Number of sets? Advanced notice? Remember, if everything is important, nothing is.

Give them something they can focus on with you.

Lastly (and most importantly), if your facility isn’t measuring and reporting on these policies, the rep knows it isn’t that important to you – it’s an aspiration. That’s like being on a diet but without weighing yourself.


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