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CE CREDIT HUB | season 12

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The write stuff

Pens, Markers, & Sterile Packaging - 1 CE

Where can you write on sterile packaging? Is certain ink really toxic and potentially dangerous to patients? Is this a practical conversation for Sterile Processing teams or purely an academic one for curious nerds? On this Beyond Clean episode 1 of Season 12, we kick off the season with Kevin Anderson, Clinical Education Coordinator for Healthmark Industries, talking about all things ink, markers, and packaging. Tune in to hear Kevin's insight on this discussion, and perhaps get some ideas of your own for how you can have these kinds of conversations with your team and facility customers. There's never been a better time than "write" now!

Gordan Allan SQ.png

corrective (over)reaction

Punishment & Quality in Sterile Services - 1 CE

What role does corrective action and punishment play in Sterile Services departments? If we're dealing with life and death, how many errors are too many for one technician or one department? Are these even the right questions to be asking? On this Beyond Clean episode 4 of Season 12, we sit down with Gordon Allan, Decontamination Services Department Manager at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, in the United Kingdom to discuss these complex questions through the lens of both leadership and technician. Tune in to hear Gordon give his perspective on balancing quality services with the growth of technician expertise, and hear about some specific tools that leaders should be using to learn from department processing errors.


infection rate zero

How One SPD Team in Idaho Make it Happen - 1 CE

When the team at Minidoka Memorial Hospital in Rupert, Idaho first set their eyes on collaborating with their Sterile Processing team to reach a breathtaking goal of a zero percent infection rate in their Operating Room, they still had many proverbial mountains to climb. On this episode 7 of Beyond Clean season 12, we sit down with Laura Clark, Amy Davis, and Kristi Clark from the Minidoka Memorial team to dig into the singular vision that united their entire facility to reach this goal. Tune in to hear where they started, why they weren't willing to settle for the status quo, and how their "patient-as-a-person" mentality propelled them into this ongoing mission for surgical & Sterile Processing excellence. We know you'll be encouraged and inspired by their story to keep #FightingDirty in your own facility!

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All you ever wanted to know

About Being a Clinical Educator -
1 CE

What makes a great clinical educator? How should someone start preparing right now for a career as a clinical educator? On this Beyond Clean episode 2 of Season 12, we sit down with Marilyn Burns, RN, BS, CNOR, to talk all things education, learning, and the nitty gritty of how people interact with information in the clinical setting. Marilyn is the principal of MMBG Consulting, Director Portfolio Advisor-Surgical Services at Premier Inc. and spent many years as the Director of Clinical Affairs at Medical Education at Symmetry Surgical. Tune in to hear her perspective on how learners learn and what tools a good clinical educator should have in their proverbial toolbox!

dina sq.png

Love 'em or hate 'em?

How Not to be Annoyed in Sterile Processing - 1 CE

Why can't we all just get along? What impact does drama have on a Sterile Processing team and how do these emotions impact both frontline technicians and department leaders? On this Beyond Clean episode 5 of Season 12, we sit down with Dina Budacan, Central Sterile Processing Manager and Decontamination Lead for one of Ireland's leading private healthcare facilities to discuss her recent article about how not to be annoyed in Sterile Processing. Tune in to hear Dina share her insight regarding the real frustrations that we encounter every day in SPD and why it's so important to keep your cool while fighting dirty. 


Yearning to learn

Do Students Have a Place in SPD Departments? - 1 CE

Are students a help or a hindrance in our Sterile Processing departments? What makes a good Sterile Processing school and how do we ensure we're making the most of externships for our hospitals and the students themselves?  On this episode 8 of Beyond Clean season 12, we sit down with Adam Okada, clinical manager at Beyond Clean, Founder of Sterile Education, and Sterile Processing education superfan to discuss his insights around training the future of our industry. Tune in to hear Adam weigh in on the hot topics that always pop up on social media regarding externships and job hunting, and learn some best practices for hosting students in your SPD department. We know you'll enjoy the show!

bob sq.png

A Career That matters

Learning From Decades of Decontamination - 1 CE

How do you build a Sterile Processing career that you can be proud of? What are the keys to earning the trust of your customers and the respect of your peers in our industry? In short, how do you make your career count? On this Beyond Clean episode 3 of Season 12, we sit down for a very special interview with Bob Marrs, BA, ST, CRCST, CIS, CHL, Vice President of Organizational Development at Beyond Clean, long time industry educator, speaker, advocate, and IAHCSMM Award of Honor recipient for lifetime achievement in Sterile Processing. Tune in to hear Bob discuss the inner motivation that propelled his love for our industry, and hear firsthand how the industry came to love him in return. If you don't catch another episode all year, catch this one. You'll be glad you did. 

Warren Nist SQ.png

Interim leadership 101

Short-Term Strategy, Long Term Growth - 1 CE

What is a Sterile Processing "Interim Leader," how do you become one, and what experiences can you expect to encounter out in the field?  On this Beyond Clean episode 6 of Season 12, we sit down with Warren Nist, CSSD Consultant, Evolved Sterile Processing Consulting LLC and IAHCSMM Foundation Board Member to discuss his extensive career as an interim leader, consultant, and Sterile Processing advocate. Tune in to hear Warren share his insights on the challenges facing interim managers when they first set foot in a new hospital and his recommendations for what makes a high performing consultative resource for Sterile Processing teams.

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