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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 16

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backup, Terry! 2.0

The Explosive Power of Backup Inventory Data - 1 CE

If there were one area of your department where it constantly looked like a bomb went off, where would it be? Chances are good your backup inventory storage area might top that list. In addition to being a major source of headache and frustration for your team, poorly managed backup inventory data can dramatically reduce assembly times and completion rates for your surgical trays. On this final episode 8 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Bobby Parker, 2016 HPN SPD Department of the Year winner and Clinical Manager at Beyond Clean, to talk about his experience managing the explosive potential of instrument extras. Tune in and get inspired to light a fuse for quality, speed, & employee satisfaction in your Sterile Processing department. Stop right there, put it in reverse, and come join us!

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(How) Should They Mix - 1 CE

What role, if any, should your individual tracking system metrics play in your annual review process? Are you the most productive technician on your team in decontamination? Should that impact your annual raise or promotion opportunities? On this episode 5 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Cody Troutt, MBA, CRCST, CHL, CIS Beyond Clean Advisory Group member and Central Sterile Director at Williamson Medical Center to discuss his approach to department & individual instrument data in how he leads technicians into excellence in his departments. Tune in for Cody's thoughts on how data & evaluations should interact, and what your team can do to create greater trust & transparency across the board. We hope you can join us for this data-driven discussion!

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The real dirty data

Spotlight on Decontamination Scanning - 1 CE

The decontamination area of Sterile Processing has a lot of nicknames: "Big D", "Decon", "The Wall", "The Hole," "The Dirty Side." Whatever your team calls it, one common theme seems to come up again and again -- this area is often filled with systemic scanning challenges. On this Episode 2 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Michelle Sirex, Beyond Clean Advisory Group member and Education Specialist at Overlake Medical Center to chat about why scanning compliance is so problematic in. Tune in for Michelle's thoughts on the potential data gaps during the decontamination phase of reprocessing, and why these missing data points can be a big deal for your team. We hope you can join us!

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The Ins & outs

Critical Insights for Tracking Clinic Instruments - 1 CE

If you want to elicit groans and frustrated head shaking from a crowd of Sterile Processing professionals, mention the word: Clinics. With healthcare and procedure-based services increasingly growing outside of the OR environment, reprocessing support of clinics has become a major source of challenge among departments across the US. On this episode 7 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Angela Benson, Sterile Processing Education Specialist at UW Health in Madison, WI and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, to talk about why clinic reprocessing is such a complex issue, and dive into best practices to get it under control. Tune in for Angela's perspective on what works, what doesn't, and how to leverage your tracking system to hardwire transparency and quality for your clinic customers. If your SPD supports internal or external clinics, this is one interview you will not want to miss!

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Savings & loan(ers)

Finding the Value in Tracking Loaned Instruments - 1 CE

"Which doctor are these loaners for?" "How many trays are needed for this case?" "Where did the loaners go for the first case tomorrow morning?" On this Episode 4 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Jill Sweeney, CRCST Clinical Educator with Censis Technologies, Inc. to discuss the complex and often confusing workflows of loaner instruments in Sterile Processing. Tune in for Jill's insights on loaner tracking compliance, industry best practices, and the basic building blocks of a high performing loaner process. We hope you can join us for episode!

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Flip it & reverse it

Going From Electronic to Manual Tracking - 1 CE

Everyone talks about going FROM manual tracking TO electronic tracking in Sterile Processing. But what if that were reversed. What if you had to go FROM scanning & tracking back TO the old days of writing & hunting for trays? What would you learn? What skills would you need to be successful? On our Season premiere of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Joseph Martin, Beyond Clean Advisory Group member and SPD Educator at UC Health to discuss his unique experience of managing an instrument tracking database at a Level 1 Trauma hospital, then transitioning as an Educator to a smaller facility who was still doing manual tracking. Tune in for Joseph's insights on how technology (and the absence of it) impacts department culture, training, and the depth of knowledge required for ensuring every instrument goes #BeyondClean. This is a conversation you never knew you wanted to hear! We hope you can join us!

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Gold Seal of Accreditation

Using Your Tracking System to be Prepared - 1 CE

You and your department work hard every day to correctly and compliantly reprocess surgical instruments. But, how do you PROVE IT when the accreditation surveyors from The Joint Commission, DNV, and others show up with their clipboards and checklists? On this episode 6 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Sara Vinson, Director of Sterile Processing at UF Health and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, to discuss her insights around using tracking system data to ace your accreditation survey visits! Tune in for Sara's perspectives on the power these data points can have in telling the real story of growth, improvement, and excellence in your Sterile Processing department. If you scan, you might as well scan with the Joint Commission in mind. Join us this week as Sara Vinson tells us how!

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old school vs new school

Is There an Instrument Tracking Generation? - 1 CE

With each new generation of Sterile Processing technicians, the workforce gets more and more comfortable with technology, mobile applications, and software. But there's still a large percentage of our industry who remember the days before departments were so computerized, wired, and required. On this Episode 3 of Season 16 "Yes, We Scan!", we sit down with Angus Bruce, Beyond Clean Advisory Group member and CSS Director at Anne Arundel Medical Center to discuss how these different generational perspectives on technology impact how we staff, train, and lead our departments. Tune in for Angus' insights on where the old schoolers have it right and what the new schoolers can teach us about how scanning technology can help us focus more on the things that really matter. We hope you can join us for this timely discussion!

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