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Beyond Clean sterile containers Expert

Modern day packaging is offered in three primary styles, each with their own set of directions for use and...

-Mike Strand
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Straight from the Sterile Containers expert

August 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series.png

"Additionally, the wrap materials have a long history of efficacy and patient safety as a sterile barrier. And..."

July 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series.png

"Rigid containers may present several advantages including protection of contents, durability, and..."

June 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series.png

"While Sterile Processing Departments rarely give a second thought to aseptic presentation, it is a fundamental..."

May 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series.png

"...the sterilized item should remain sterile unless an “event” occurs that could compromise the sterile barrier."

April 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series (1).png

"The characteristic of effective sterile-barrier packaging may seem simple and straight-forward, but..."

March 2023 - Mike Strand Expert Series.png

"Regardless of the sterilization modality, the packaging material must comply with several key performance..."

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