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Don't just take it from us, let our customers, listeners, and partners do the talking!

Christian Arnold, VP of Sales and David Moyer, Market Sales Director, Centurion Medical Products Division of Medline

Medline is very pleased with the insight, perspective, and education provided by Beyond Clean.  We are very excited to have them as a valuable business Partner to help better prepare our sales and marketing team to meet the needs of our customers.  The evolving cost, labor, regulatory, provider, and patient safety issues are forcing our customers & Medline to adapt and seek solutions beyond traditional methods.  Our collaboration with both new & current customers has shown results with new areas of revenue streams & faster growth rates.  We are expecting to grow our relationship with Beyond Clean to meet our future customer and internal needs.

iTunes Review

This is an excellent production. The Beyond Clean team do a wonderful job as hosts asking relevant questions, inviting fascinating guests and really drilling down deep into every subject. this program does an amazing job of drawing out useful and transferable information from every angle of the medical device industry. Job well done!

Brian Reed, CEO & Co-founder of Ascendco Health

The Beyond Clean team are able to break down and deep dive into the complex, multi-dimensional arena that is the sterile processing industry. They are shining an important spotlight on a vital component of the healthcare industry that has remained hidden, and they are doing it right. Their passion comes through in each episode making it a pleasure to join them in discussion and even more so to become an avid listener.

Hannah S. Facebook Review

Excellent resources and updates on changes and things happening in the industry.

iTunes Review

Even though this is an American podcast, as a Saudi CCSD worker, I learned a lot. Thank you! #hugefan

Marcus Super, Aaron Lieberman, and Lauren Hefty at Summit Medical

Finding a partnership opportunity that matched our budget and our goals was easy with the wide range available through Beyond Clean Media. The team easily provided the special assistance needed for first timers like ourselves who had never participated in a podcast production before. Their modern approach to progressing the industry via relevant media is second to none and we plan to work with them again in the future.

Ken B. Facebook Review

Beyond Clean is a vital tool for any sterile processing technician! They hold a wealth of knowledge that can be used by the newest of the new or the ones who’ve been around the block.

Sarah E. - iTunes Review

Beyond Clean is a must listen! [They] bring the listener into the world of sterile processing—-providing an insider’s look that is perfect for both laypersons and professionals alike. I can’t recommend Beyond Clean enough! Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

iTunes Review

Beyond Clean has pulled the veil back exposing the world to an all too often overlooked Sterile Processing industry which will bring awareness, insight, and intrigue. I applaud them for channeling their relentless advocacy into bringing “Beyond Clean” to the masses.

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