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Beyond Clean Water Quality Expert

The key to understanding how to manage water quality for the reprocessing of medical devices is...

-Jeffrey Paquet
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Straight from the Water Quality expert

"Clean Steam is not required to be used in Sterile Processing departments by ST108. The new standard does have..."

"There are 7 characteristics that are primary indicators of SPD water quality
that are listed in Table 4. They are..."

"Here it is in writing that they must be actively involved. Sponsorship means they must demonstrate that they..."

"One of the main rationales given by this standard for its existence is to improve the longevity of medical..."

"We have seen the emergence of “Super Bugs” that must be inactivated on these devices, or else they can..."

"The goal was to provide high-quality information to sterile processing departments so they could..."

"By introducing a comprehensive water treatment system that followed AAMI TIR34 best practices for Utility Water..."

"...not following equipment IFU’s and not paying attention to Utility Water quality can get you into hot water!"

"AAMI recognizes that this water can be as important to the effectiveness of your disinfection and sterilization..."

"Clean steam is produced from Critical Water through an RO or DI process and contains virtually no ionic..."

"TIR34 extensively covers water quality system design best practices as well as the necessary monitoring, control..."

"If you are not dealing with monitoring and managing your water daily: testing, recording data,..."

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