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Case Cart Considerations

Case Carts are more than just a convenient way to haul surgical supplies to and from the OR, they play an integral role in the overall Sterile Processing workflow. With many kinds of case carts, options, and accessories, it is difficult to know what is right for your SPD. When deciding which case cart option is right for your facility, consider these questions:

What does your staff think? When making decisions on buying new case carts, make sure you understand the pros and cons of your current case carts by talking to the individuals using them. This will help identify core issues and potential unmet needs (like pull-out shelves or directional lock casters for better maneuverability) that need to be addressed when purchasing new case carts.

Is your SPD offsite? With an offsite SPD, Over the Road Case Carts is the right solution. Over-The-Road Case Carts are designed with added reinforcements, heavy-duty casters, and secure and sealed doors to protect the sterile integrity of the contents being transported. However, if your SPD is onsite Closed Case Carts may be just what you need.

Which Options and Accessories Fit Your Needs? With so many options and accessories like Case Carts with Windows, Polymer Handles, Biohazard Indicator, Cart Status Indicators, and Picklist Holder, you can create the right cart to support your processes.

Before deciding which Case Cart is right for your facility, thoroughly review the gaps in your current set-up and test drive different types of case carts before buying.


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