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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

When I was a kid, cars had handles on the doors that were used to crank up and down the windows. When power windows came out, I remember my father saying they would never last. He didn’t see the need for improvement. But power windows made life easier on drivers. Now, you can’t find a car that has a window crank on the door.

In the Sterile Processing world, you may have seen little variations between products over time, but the ubiquitous metal containers, blue wrap, and white peel pouches being used still look the same.

Device packaging for products delivered to the OR seems to be unique. Sleek shrink wrap, boxes, inner blister packs, and card assemblies that keep the product secure during handling. This is good. But what about packaging used daily by Sterile Processing Departments? Where are the power windows?

Until now, there have not been any products that protect the structural integrity of packaging for reposable/reusable instruments used by SPD. Even sterile reprocessing companies don’t address this disparity. Protecting the structural integrity of peel packs protects the sterile barrier, protects the instrument inside, and aids in aseptic presentation.

Your robotics program is probably the most expensive and lucrative program at your facility. Protecting your investment on instruments is essential. Robotic instrument protector cards are insurance policies that protect against loss. They protect the delicate working end of the instrument, prevent movement of the instrument into the seals, eliminate the need to double pack, makes handling easier, are easier to store, easier to pass off, the value goes on. Robotics instruments deserve the best protection.

It’s time for Power Windows!


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