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SPGreen 2023: Paving the Way for Sustainability in Sterile Processing (June 23rd, 2023)

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Are you passionate about the health of patients and the planet? Are you looking for ways to bring sustainability to the forefront of your Sterile Processing department? Then gear up for Beyond Clean's next virtual event - "SPGreen: Sustaining the Health of Patients & Planet." We're bringing together thought leaders, industry veterans, and change-makers from across the globe to shed light on the green initiatives that are shaping the future of Sterile Processing.

Register now at to secure your spot in the industry's first-ever event dedicated to green initiatives.

A Day Packed with Insightful Sessions

On Friday, June 23, 2023, immerse yourself in a series of sessions designed to not only educate but inspire. Each session will uncover the opportunities and challenges that come with integrating sustainability into Sterile Processing and the Operating Room space.

Begin your day with us at 9:00 AM EDT with Gene Ricupito in a session titled Eco-Selection: Choosing Your Tools with Sustainability in Mind. Navigate through the complexities of choosing the right Sterile Processing equipment, and discover how you can balance your financial needs with environmental considerations.

Continue the journey with Michelle Sullivan at 10:10 AM EDT in Healing the Planet, One Procedure at a Time: A Global Outlook on Healthcare Sustainability. During this session, you will learn the actionable steps to integrate sustainability into every procedure, effectively contributing to the healing of our planet.

At 11:20 AM EDT, join Dr. Peter Nichol as he presents Cutting Edge Sustainability: Exploring Opportunities from a Surgical Standpoint. Learn about the innovative approaches that healthcare facilities are incorporating into their surgical workflows to ensure environmental considerations are integrated even in high-stakes medical situations.

After a short break, rejoin us at 12:30 PM EDT for Making Green Make Cents: Unpacking Practical Sustainability and Value with Wesley Waymer. Discover how "going green" can deliver tangible returns for your organization without compromising the quality and value of care.

Dive into the importance of collaboration in healthcare sustainability at 1:40 PM EDT with our panel of Supply Chain Experts, Suzi Collins and Josh Andrade in Green Teams: How Supply Chains and Clinical Areas Collaborate for a Sustainable Future. Learn how cross-department collaboration can drive long-term sustainability efforts and create a more ecologically responsible healthcare environment.

Finally, round off the day with Nestor Hernandez at 2:50 PM EDT in Sustainability at the Forefront: A New Approach for Sterile Processing Professionals Be inspired to transform your everyday operations into a model of eco-friendly efficiency.

A Line-Up of Industry Thought-Leaders

Our speakers include recognized thought-leaders and professionals from renowned organizations such as the UCSF Medical Center, Boston Scientific, Beyond Clean, American Family Children's Hospital, University Health, Stewart Healthcare, HonorHealth, and SpecialtyCare. Each of them brings decades of experience and a deep commitment to sustainability in healthcare.

Beyond Clean’s SPGreen conference is your key to unlocking the potential of green practices in Sterile Processing and patient care. Each speaker is a maven in their field, ready to share actionable insights that will catalyze the industry towards a greener future.

We can't wait to welcome you to the first ever Sterile Processing virtual event focused on green initiatives, SPGreen, on June 23, 2023.

Click here to secure your place in this monumental event.

Together, let's go beyond clean, let's go green!

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