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CE CREDIT HUB | Expert Series™ 2022: Special podcast release

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under pressure

Going Beyond Water Myths in Device Reprocessing - 1 CE

Ever had a wet pack in your steam sterilizer? Ever had a surgeon question a water spot or discoloration on a surgical instrument? Well then, you're going to want to tune in for this podcast release of Jonathan Wilder's Beyond Clean Expert Series™ Conference session, as we go beyond busted pipes and bust some of the most pervasive water myths in our industry. What guidelines are you expected to know about and follow regarding your water? What impact can poor water quality have on your equipment, instruments, and even bottom line? Make sure to bring your Clinical Engineering and Facilities Management team members to this session so you can have a thoughtful discussion around ensuring your water is working for you and not against you!

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Defensive Maneuvers

Are your peel packs crumbling around you? Are you seeing holes, rips, and tears? Or even damage to the surgical instruments themselves? Don't miss this exclusive podcast-version of the 2022 Expert Series Conference, where our Instrument Protection Management Expert™, Craig Ford, Founder & President of SterileBits, Inc. talks about the ins and outs of instrument protection. From innovative design to hardwiring best practices, solving the challenges of instrument packaging and protection is no easy feat. We tackle the basics of this topic before taking the conversation to the next level of efficiencies, sustainability, and more. Tune in to hear the latest about what innovators are doing to better protect your surgical assets!

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the low in workflow

Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization is all around us, but compared to steam, our industry has a long way to go in understanding the true potential of this modality. Is it the solution for higher efficiency? Is it the silver bullet for safer endoscopes? Join us for this exclusive podcast re-release from the 2022 Expert Series™ Conference as we talk to Jean-Luc Lemyre about the background and future of this low temperature workhorse. Jean-Luc outlines how this chemical process works to effect sterilization and discusses when & why it fails. Bring your thinking hat for this one, and make sure to pull in your new technicians to learn about this unique modality!

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Are you lost when it comes to tackling loaner and consignment trays in your department? Do you experience frustration when holding your reps accountable or when trying to influence surgeons to give you support for vendor management policies and processes? Don't miss this exclusive podcast-version of the 2022 Expert Series Conference, where our Vendor Management Expert™, Jeff Wertz, Chief Commercial Officer at Surgio Health joins us and dives into all things loaners, consignment, and sales representatives! We'll be talking about data, best practices, industry trends, innovations, and more. Let's journey into the vendor tray vortex together!

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Take those new ideas off the shelf

How complicated could it be to put something on a shelf and leave it there? Well, if you've spent five minutes inside a busy sterile storage area in the OR or SPD, we don't even have to answer that question. Don't miss this exclusive podcast-version of the 2022 Expert Series™ Conference, where our Healthcare Storage Expert™, Dustin Patterson, Regional Sales Manager LogiQuip talks about the little known, but extremely important storage concepts that can save you from stress and ensure your patient ready trays can be found...when the patient is ready for them! Items move, shelves tend to get overloaded, efficiency goes by the wayside, and then something big finally causes everyone to wake up to the risk caused by a broken storage process. Tune in, gather around the computer, and collaborate for safer storage!

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