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Beyond Clean Low-Temp Sterilization Expert

H2O2 can be found around the SPD for use in various processes in its liquid form for disinfection and sterilization of...

-Jean-Luc Lemyre
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Straight from the low-temp sterilization expert

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"Sterility is not an absolute certainty; it is a probability. A sterilization process reduces the number of viable microorganisms on..."

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"Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers start their cycles by removing air from the sterilization chamber to achieve a deep vacuum. The H2O2 solution is..."


"Once H2O2 has reacted with bugs and microorganisms, only water and gaseous oxygen is left behind without any harmful..."

Final June - Jean-Luc Expert Series.png

"...sterilization processes are subject to rigorous validations by manufacturers, which in turn are reflected in a sterilizer's instructions for use."

Final August 2022 - Jean-Luc Expert Series.png

"PCDs for H2O2 processes contain a BI and are designed to mimic the resistance to the sterilization process of the most challenging..."

Final Sept 2022 - Jean-Luc Expert Series.png

"How dry is dry enough? A good guideline is that no visible water should be present, even tiny droplets. But be mindful that water gets trapped..."

Final October 2022 - Jean-Luc Expert Series.png

"Sterile packaging systems should allow successful penetration and removal of the sterilant during the process, maintain sterility post-process, and..."

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