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Beyond Clean Gas Sterilization Expert

Implementation of EO sterilization is an effective tool for terminating endoscope-associated CRE and MDRO outbreaks

-a.e. Ted may
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Straight from the gas sterilization expert

Final August - Ted May Expert Series.jpg

"The FDA has repeatedly recommended ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilization over..."

May Release #3 - Ted May Expert Series.jpg

"Organizations governing worker safety have begun enforcing monitoring requirements for both H2O2 and..."

(4.26) Release #2 - Ted May Expert Series.jpg

"The current debate over endoscope reprocessing is a good example of how Spaulding's recommendations have..."

June Release #4 - Ted May Expert Series.jpg

"When processing a complex instrument, the challenge is to confirm that every microorganism..."

Final October - Ted May Expert Series.png

"FDA states, although "the rise water is treated to minimize any bioburden, it is not sterile" and therefore..."

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