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Beyond Clean instrument repair Expert

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...engineers work hard to produce the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas on products that will not only need to meet market demands...

-Pawel Szczygiel

Straight from the instrument repair expert

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"...the same high-quality standards that are followed by the OEM should also be applicable in the world of service."

"Why does quality inspection play such a critical role in the service of surgical instruments? For one, every service..."

"When it comes to the world of surgical instrument repairs, the idea of compromising the quality of parts..."

"Technicians who finish those types of programs have an in-depth knowledge of the process of manufacturing and..."

"The choice of quality materials could play a key role in how the instrument will function and how will it..."

"Professionally trained technicians understand how surgical instruments are built, what materials are used in..."

"While stainless steel may be used, materials such as medical grade aluminum, titanium, and a variety of..."

"The life of a surgical instrument begins with research and development. During this first stage of manufacturing..."

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You can reach Pawel at:

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