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Beyond Clean Instrument Protection Expert

The ultimate goal is to get an instrument sterilized and to prevent its contamination until it reaches the sterile field.

-Craig Ford

Straight from the instrument protection expert

Final October 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"Protecting the structural integrity of peel packs protects the sterile barrier, protects the instrument inside, and aids in..."

Final Sept 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"Storage in a bin is about quality of life. The chance of a micro strikethrough is real. Unstructured packages can look beaten up when they've been..."

Final August 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"When double packing using paper-plastic pouches, one must be mindful of the risks. Proper sizing and application of pouches must..."

Final July 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"...we must do everything we can to protect an instrument during and after sterilization so that it arrives to the surgeon's hands sterile."

Final June 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"The sterilized package will undergo multiple touchpoints after leaves the sterilizer and is at risk of being crumpled and crushed. It can find..."

Final May 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.jpg

"These chemical indicators are usually placed inside the sterilization package, but they also are sometimes integrated into or printed on..."

Final April 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.jpg

"Instrument protector/sterilization cards not only protect the instrument, but they also provide structure for the peel pack. protects the sterile barrier, and..."

"Robotic Arm Instrument Protectors are an essential tool in the care, storage, and deployment of some of the most expensive instruments..."

Final February 2022 - Craig Ford Expert Series.png

"Even though we may see a sterilization indicator within a pouch does not mean the pack is sterile. It means the pack was processed by..."


"The use of paper-plastic pouches with heavy metal instruments could result in problems with sterility maintenance. Use instrument protectors that..."

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