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Beyond Clean ultrasonic Expert

...ultrasonic cleaning plays an extremely vital role in reprocessing surgical instruments.

-Thomas Overbey
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Straight from the ultrasonic expert

October PDF Thomas Overbey Expert Series.jpg

"Make sure your machine is properly cleaned before each use, as it is best to use clean water for each..."

Thomas Overbey Expert Series.jpg

"Instruments can only begin to be considered clean if they are completely submerged in the ultrasonic..."

Copy of Thomas Overbey Expert Series.jpg

"The success of ultrasonic cleaning depends on how instruments are tended to prior to cleaning. The vast..."

Thomas Overbey Expert Series (1).jpg

"An ultrasonic cleaning system also has very specific types of speakers also referred to as..."

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"Your water supply is your lifeline to effective cleaning and therefore must be respected for it to..."

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