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Beyond Clean instrument Data Experts


You all have the unique ability to track the use of every surgical instrument in your hospital.

-Amy & Madeline Wooldridge

Straight from the instrument Data experts

Final March 2022 - M&A Expert Series.png

"Does your surgical instrument tracking software allow you to store information on brand and vendor..."

Draft December - M&A Expert Series.png

."...a Utilization report should be run weekly to monitor for opportunities to improve scanning at the..."

Final - October M&A Expert Series.png

"...benefit of instrument scanning is better surgical instrument recognition and flexibility where your instrument..."

Final September M&A Expert Series.png

"As you fight Dirty Data in your SPD, you may find that you still have products in your catalog with..."

_April - M&A Expert Series.png

"As a hero in your SPD, it is crucial to develop a system to convert your generic products to specific..."

Final August M&A Expert Series.png

"There are two major considerations to make when building new count sheets. First and foremost, determine..."

M&A Expert Series.png

"The ideal software will also allow you to maintain two names for one product, one for your team and one for..."

June M&A Expert Series.png

"During assembly, many superheroes do not take advantage of features in their electronic tracking software that..."

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You can reach Amy & Madeline at:

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