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Welcome to

#RealTalk with Bob Marrs

Where can you go to get straight answers and honest insights on an industry as complex and rapidly changing as the Sterile Processing space? 


Need ideas for mentoring young leaders? 

Have questions on how to follow challenging IFUs?

Or do you just want a good excuse to watch YouTube on the clock?


Introducing #RealTalk with Bob Marrs, a new Beyond Clean video series focusing on the topics and conversations that matter to frontline Sterile Processing technicians and department leaders. Each week, Bob brings his 30 years of Sterile Processing and perioperative experience to the table to provide real value, encouragement, and education to the folks who are

#FightingDirty around the globe.


Check out the latest videos below, subscribe to our YouTube channel and

join tens of thousands of Sterile Processing professionals who

are already a part of the Beyond Clean #Revolution

Do you have a topic or question you'd like Bob to cover on the show? 

New videos releasing every Wednesday!

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