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CE CREDIT HUB | season 10

season 10 ces have been packaged in a single quiz for 5 ce credits


From neurosurgeon to certified 

Sterile Processing Technician

Why would a neurosurgeon decide to pursue certification in the Sterile Processing industry? What happened in this surgeon's career to turn his eyes and his heart toward the teams managing surgical instrumentation in his facility and across the industry? As we kick off an historical Season 10 of the Beyond Clean podcast, we invited Dr. George Cybulski, Chief Medical Officer of Vested Medical, Inc. to join us for a discussion around surgeon engagement, surgical efficiency, and a vision for Sterile Processing collaboration that can change the SPD world. It's a story worth listening to and a commitment worth sharing. We'd love to have you join us! 


Dental Reprocessing insider

Unique Challenges, Real Success

Reprocessing dental instruments can look quite different at each facility-- from the layout and design to who is responsible for reprocessing.  On this episode 4 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Johanne Benoit, Sterile Processing Manager and Dental Reprocessing Subject Matter Expert at Fenway Health, to talk about the complexities that surround the dental reprocessing workflow and the industry as a whole. Our conversation covers everything from the current challenges and frustrations faced by dental reprocessing technicians to the training and education opportunities that are available. We even discuss how Johanne is using social media to bring to light critical process improvements and educate dental reprocessing techs around the world.  This is the tip of the iceberg, so adjust your headphones and settle in for this eye-opening conversation. 


the confidence to care

Strategic CS Leadership

Should CS leaders care what their employees think of them? What are the common ways new leaders fail themselves and their teams? On this episode 7 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Sharyn Combs, BA, CHBC, JMT, CRCST, an Independent Certified Human Behavior Consultant, John Maxwell team member, and the Founder of UCDI Leadership Training and Development to talk about the nitty gritty of Sterile Processing leadership myths, misconceptions, and mistakes that are often found in our industry. Sharyn is also author of the emotional intelligence gem, "Hold Your Form" which covers many of the concepts brought up in this interview. Tune in for her common sense insights into a topic that touches each and everyone of us. 


Learning to love 

Lean and Improve Our Industry

You may have heard the word "Lean" thrown around by consultants and administrators in your hospital, but what does it have to do with Sterile Processing? Is it something to be feared? Something to be loved? Or something in between? On this episode 2 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Dr. Rachel Mandel, Senior Healthcare Advisor for Operational Performance Solutions to give us some context for Lean concepts, process improvement among our teams, and a roadmap for working together to improve patient care. No matter your role or title, you play a critical role in making healthcare safer. Tune in to find out how!


The science of endoscope

Cleaning Research

Who on earth designed this cleaning chemical? And why did they do it that way? Well, we're glad you asked. On this episode 5 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Kris Murphy, PhD, Director of Chemistry, R&D at Cantel Medical to talk all things research, development, and chemistry in the context of medical device reprocessing! Kris not only brings tremendous insight into the typical life of a scientist in our industry, but he has a little fun with us as we talk about the real challenges facing frontline personnel in trying to fight dirty, every instrument, every time. This episode also holds the podcast record for number of times we had to pause the interview to stop laughing. We think you'll enjoy it just as much as we did!


the case for usage

Based Repair

How often should your surgical instruments be repaired? Should your repair partner be on-site every week or should it all depend on your facility usage data? On this season finale episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we flipped the script and interviewed Beyond Clean co-founder and CEO Justin Poulin about one of his favorite topics - usage based instrument repair. Whether you have a current repair schedule in place in your department or you are trying to fine tune your repair program to meet quality standards and lengthen the life of your instrument inventory -- this episode is for you!



A Story of Pandemic, Leadership & Innovation

Each of our facilities and Sterile Processing departments experienced and responded to the recent global pandemic in different ways. Our abilities to act effectively depended largely on the strengths of our teams, hospital leaders, and governments.  On this episode 3 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Jason Unger, Director of Surgical Services & Anesthesia Institute, at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi to talk about the medical device reprocessing industry in the United Arab Emirates. Our conversation covers everything from training standards and leadership insights, to innovative responses in the midst of crisis. The lessons learned by Jason and his team are worth tuning in and learning from -- no matter where you happen to be fighting dirty this week! 


Fear not?

The Good & Bad of SPD Consultants

"The consultants are coming, the consultants are coming!" Does that phrase give you a pit in your stomach or tell you that help is on the way? On this episode 6 of Beyond Clean Season 10, we sat down with Brandon Huffman, BS, ST, CRCST, CIS, CHL, Infection Preventionist with the Peace Health System (and new Strategic Content Manager at Beyond Clean) to talk about the good, bad, and long term impact of Sterile Processing consulting experiences from the perspective of department managers and frontline staff. If you have ever been involved with a consulting project that went well or completely went off the rails, we think you'll appreciate this conversation that peels back the real challenges facing both sides of the equation. This might even be a great episode to forward directly to your CEO... ;)

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