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CE CREDIT HUB | season 11

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What is Really Required for Endoscope Tracking & Tracing - 1 CE

Could you prove your flexible endoscope was properly cleaned, processed, and stored for every scope, every patient, every time? Would it be a scramble to three-ring binders and stacks of paper, or is your facility already using some type of technology to help you hardwire the documentation process? On this Season 11 kickoff of Beyond Clean, we sat down with Suneil Mandava, Founder & CEO of Mobile Aspects to talk about the challenges of endoscope tracking and tracing in the healthcare setting -- hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and GI suites. Tune in to hear Suneil share his own story of becoming a patient, and how that has driven him to advocate for best practice and processes for these complex medical devices.



Creating Powerful Advocates for Sterile Processing Teams - 1 CE

Would your hospital administrators recognize you in the hallway? When is the last time you saw your CEO take a stroll through your Sterile Processing department? Why does any of this matter? On this episode 4 of Season 11, we sat down with Bryan Croft, Senior Vice President of Operations at Cedars-Sinai, for an honest conversation on the widespread disconnect between hospital leadership and the Sterile Processing professionals who help keep surgeries going. Tune in to hear how Bryan has changed this culture in his own facilities and get a few tips for how to keep your hospital administrators engage with your team.


rewarding technical excellence

A Model for Technical Career Growth - 1 CE

How do you grow in your Sterile Processing career if you don't want to go into leadership? What can departments do to cultivate and reward technical excellence? On this episode 7 of Season 11, we sat down with Loraine Durigan, Sterile Processing Traveling Manager at SpecialtyCare, to discuss her vision for combining career growth and technical knowledge to change the way Sterile Processing departments are run. Tune in to hear how Loraine and her team took a new approach to the topics of recruiting, retaining, and rewarding hard working staff in this unique conversation about career growth and compensation.

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A Story of Technology, Creativity, & Accountability in SPD - 1 CE

Broken processes, communication breakdowns with the Operating Room, and rising frustrations – sound like a challenge you are facing in your Sterile Processing department? Big or small, each of our facilities encounter issues that have to be overcome or quality outcomes eventually suffer. On this episode 2 of Season 11, we sat down with Carolyn Hooks and Traci Farley, from Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughter’s in Norfolk, Virginia to talk about the creative way their teams came together through a unique technology solution to build teamwork and drive change. Tune in to hear their hospital’s story, and hopefully draw the inspiration and tools you need to finally make progress on the headaches you face every day in SPD. If you have leaders who are not fans of new technology, this interview is a must-listen!


The laparoscopic challenge

One Man's Mission for a Safer
World - 1 CE

What would you do if you had no decontamination room, no access to low-cost, reliable electricity and water, and a handful of laparoscopic devices to reprocess?  On this episode 5 of Season 11, we sat down with Delft University of Technology researcher Girish Malage, to discuss his field studies and innovative approach to solving the systemic laparoscopic challenges facing hospitals around the globe, and especially in low- to middle-income countries. Tune in to hear how Girish has approached these problems through the unique lenses of engineering, resource constraints, and creativity. We hope you are inspired to see the challenges facing your own departments and find the strength to go do something about them!


You shall not pass

How Decontamination & Direction Break the Chain of Infection - 1 CE

What's the big deal with a one-way workflow in decontamination? Is it really a critical aspect of infection control or just a common sense application of traditional manufacturing in the Sterile Processing context? On this episode 8 of Season 11, we wrap up the season with Steven Sutton, Director, Planning and Design Group with Belimed, to discuss what department design & layout have to do with fighting dirty in the decontamination area. Tune in to hear Steven's insight into this SPD 101 topic, what his opinions are if you're strapped for space, and the important implications that one-way workflows have across the rest of your department. It's a great way to end another fantastic season of Beyond Clean!

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What it Really Means to Build an Industry Worth Loving - 1 CE

What causes one person to take pride in their job, and someone else to treat it like just a paycheck? When you drill down to the very core of a Sterile Processing technician, what do you find that is really special? On this episode 3 of Season 11, we sat down with Beyond Clean Co-Founder & President Hank Balch for a unique discussion about the over-aching culture of Sterile Processing -- why it matters and how to build it. Tune in to hear much of the "why" behind what you see each and every day from Beyond Clean, and find out the creative ways that you can change our entire global industry right where you are! If you're giving years of your life to an industry like this, it had better be worth loving...


Stop, drop off, & roll the carts

Signs That Make Sterile Processing Work...Flow - 1 CE

Have you ever created a hand-made sign for your department? "Don't Touch" "Stack Containers Here" "Press Button for Service" The examples of things we need to communicate in device reprocessing are endless. On this episode 6 of Season 11, we sat down with Garry Bassi, Director, Medical Device Reprocessing & Support Services at Mount Sinai Hospital (Toronto), to discuss his unique approach to department signage in the midst of new construction and beyond. Tune in to hear why Garry believes good signage is so important to high performing technicians, and find out the value that strategic planning and professionalism can have on creating high quality workflows.

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