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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 17

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looking a little flushed

The Unsung Glories of the
AER - 1 CE

When it comes to flexible endoscopes, the most important stop along the reprocessing workflow is the Automated Endoscope Reprocessor (known as an AER). A failure or oversight here can lead to dangerous and deadly consequences to patients who undergo procedures with a contaminated device. On this final episode of Season 17 "Power to Process", we speak with Frank Daniels, Director of High-Level Disinfection & Sterilization for VCU Health and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member, to discuss this critical piece of equipment and what you need to know as a frontline clinical user. How do you build an AER training process that creates confident technicians and documented compliance? What should you consider when purchasing a new AER or designing a new reprocessing space? How do you ensure you don't miss the small stuff that leads to big risk? We cover all that and more with one of the most innovative HLD leaders in the industry today.

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Hot off the press

3 Things You Didn't Know About Heat Sealers - 1 CE

It's an unassuming metal box off to the corner or sitting on the edge of your assembly table. But it creates the sealed barrier between sterile instruments and the world of dangerous microbes outside seeking to do our patients harm. You guessed it! We're talking about the department heat sealer on this episode of Season 17 "The Power to Process" on Beyond Clean. Our featured guest for this interview is podcast favorite Kevin Anderson MBA, BSN, RN, CNOR, CRCST, CHL, CIS, CER, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries Co. During this deep dive into all things heat sealing, we discuss training, maintenance, technology, and trends surrounding this little piece of reprocessing equipment that has such a big impact on our peel pack workflow. If you've ever taken your heat sealer for granted, or just want to nerd out on the intricacies of this little bundle of sealing joy, make sure to join us for this educational interview!

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THe magic box?

Demystifying the Washer Disinfector - 1 CE

It's the perfect combination of strategic water delivery, meticulously designed chemical dosing, and mechanically controlled temperature all aiming at the lofty goal of achieving "clean" surgical instruments. Yes, we're talking about your department's Washer/Disinfector equipment. On this Season 17 "Power to Process", episode 2, we bring back Beyond Clean contributor and Myth-Busting alumnus René Vis, International Product Line Manager at Steelco, to take us on a journey through this unique piece of automated reprocessing equipment that stands guard between the dirty and clean sides of our departments. What are the different types of washers on the market today and how do they work? What does the future of washer technology look as our industry continues to push further into the 21st century? Tune in for René's insights on one of the most important pieces of Sterile Processing equipment in our hospitals.

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The Beautiful Buzz that Breaks Down Bioburden - 1 CE

It buzzes, it flushes, it creates millions of tiny implosions during every cycle -- it's the amazing, awesome, underrated science of ultrasonic cleaning! With each passing year, our industry is seeing more and more utilization of ultrasonic cleaning technology to address the increasingly complex surgical instrumentation and medical devices coming through our Sterile Processing departments. On this Season 17 podcast episode of Beyond Clean, we speak with Karen Owens, RN, MSN, CRCST, CIS, CER, CHL, FCS, CQIA, Senior Director, Clinical and Customer Education and Sarah Brown, MBA, BA, Senior Product Manager at STERIS Corporation to discuss how these devices actually work, where they best fit into the standard reprocessing workflow, and a few myths around their use. Whether you have an ultrasonic cleaner that you want to learn more about, or are trying to gather information to justify purchasing one for your department, we think you'll find something worth hearing on this interview! 

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A la case cart

The Machine That Keeps Them Clean - 1 CE

When it works, it's a dream. When it doesn't, it can ruin your entire week. A Sterile Processing department's case cart washer holds a tremendous amount of processing power within its steel grip -- and so it's well worth understanding the ins and outs of how this key piece of reprocessing equipment operates. On this Season 17 "Power to Process", episode 4, we speak with Beyond Clean Advisory Group member Tami Heacock, MBA, CRCST, CIS, CHL, Director of Sterile Processing at St. Elizabeth Healthcare, to take a peek inside these reprocessing workhorses known as cart washers. How do you convince your administrators to buy you one if you need it? Or get it repaired if there's a work order currently taped across the door? What are some cart washer best practices that can keep your team compliant and your equipment running smoothly from shift to shift? Tune in to hear one of the biggest cart washer fans in the industry answer these questions and share her passion for this unique piece of automated reprocessing machinery. 

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behind the steel door

Inside Your Steam Sterilizer - 1 CE

It has one of the biggest footprints in our entire department, uses some of the most utilities, and stands as the final step in a surgical instrument's journey to a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10−6: the powerhouse of Sterile Processing, the steam autoclave. So, how much do you know about what goes on behind the steel door of your department's steam sterilizer? On this Season 17 premiere of "The Power to Process", focused on the equipment that keeps our departments processing, we sit down with Shane Pinkston, Commercial Operations Manager Surgical Workflows at Getinge, to dive into this workhorse of reprocessing, and highlight important considerations about the technology that every frontline SPD professional should know. Tune in for Shane's thoughts on everything from successful sterilizer installations to effective user education and more!

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Channel (Game) Changer

A Closer Look at Borescopes - 1 CE

You've heard the phrase, "The devil is in the details", right? Well, in the case of surgical instrument reprocessing, the devil is often in the lumens. Or to be more specific, the bioburden, damage, and debris is often in the lumens and cannulas of the complex medical devices we are processing each and every day. On this Beyond Clean Season 17 episode of "The Power to Process," we sit down with Andy Sundet, Sales and Marketing Manager at Clarus Medical, LLC to talk through the wonderful world of borescopes -- and the power these high-tech devices give us to fight dirty better. Andy highlights the background and scope of this unique technology, how and when it is applied within our departments, and he tackles some myths & misconceptions about borescopes that could save you from potential quality breakdowns in the future. 

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A salute to sinks

More Than Just a Super Soaker-1 CE

A quick glance around decontamination and one particular row of stainless steel equipment might catch your eye. Although you may not notice it from a distance, the Sterile Processing sinks of the 21st century are becoming more and more complex, customized in design, and strategically ergonomic. In this 3rd episode of Season 17 "Power to Process," we speak with Jereme Oldt, VP of Sales and Customer Relations for TBJ Incorporated, to break down the misconceptions around this intersection of stainless steel, water, and the will to clean. What should you know before you upgrade or design your next sink? What are some of the newest variations on the market to keep your reprocessing team ahead of the curve? Why might your team need targeted training in something as "simple" as using a sink? We cover all that and more with this week's guest! 

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