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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 21


data in the day-to-day

Finding Real Success Where & When it Counts - 1 CE

Join us in this episode 8 of Season 21 on Beyond Clean, as we chat about the concept of "proactive quality assurance" in Sterile Processing with Bobby Parker, VP of Clinical Services at Beyond Clean. Should you wait to find errors AFTER that make it all the way to the OR to be found by nurses, surgical techs, and surgeons? Or is there a better way to capture data and improve the process proactively? What is the role of a Quality Assurance Technician in SPD? We tackle all these questions and more in this season wrap up interview with Bobby Parker. Hope you can join us!


Technicians, Quantified

The Data of Sterile Processing Staffing - 1 CE

Join us this week's CE episode on Beyond Clean as Jason Minutillo, Regional Director of Quality for HLD and Sterilization at UC Health, takes us on a tour into the intricate data ecosystem of Sterile Processing staffing. From unraveling crucial keywords like FTEs to detailing the nuances between productive and non-productive hours, Jason provides insights that will help you take a fresh look at your department's staffing strategies. Learn how strategic data plays a pivotal role in everything from recruiting to  handling PTO requests without hampering department efficiency. As we explore valuable lessons from Jason's experiences, we also speak to the future of data analytics in Sterile Processing and its transformative impact on staffing approaches.


The big flex

Flexible Scope Data You Need to Know - 1 CE

Join us in this episode 2 of Season 21 on Beyond Clean, as we dive deep into the data-driven world of flexible endoscope management with Jake McHugh, Process Improvement Auditor at Agiliti. We explore the evolving landscape of endoscope repair and how data has revolutionized decision-making and maintenance processes. Jake delves into the common challenges in endoscope repair and weighs in on how data can be leveraged to tackle them. We examine the role vendors play in delivering data-driven solutions and the impact of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, on the field. Finally, Jake shares inspiring success stories of facilities utilizing data effectively and offers a visionary glimpse into the future of endoscope repair. Do. Not. Miss. It!


The SPD Mind Map

Seeing the Data All Around You - 1 CE

Join us on this week's CE approved episode of Beyond Clean as we embark on a one-of-a-kind conversation with Osama Alsadawi, BSHA, AMST, CRCST, CIS, CHL, CER, Assistant Chief of Sterile Processing Services, and self-professed data nerd. Delving into his personal journey and experience with Sterile Processing training, Osama introduces us to the interesting concept of "mind mapping." How can this visual tool can be a game-changer in the Sterile Processing space? What can it do for your onboarding, training, and competency development?  From the inception to implementation, and addressing potential challenges, discover the transformative power of mind mapping to take your SPD team to the next level. As we look to the future of Sterile Processing, Osama shares his vision of how mind mapping can fill gaps in how we think, plan, and push forward as an industry. Dive in to this interview and free your mind! 


Dr. Data's First Case

The Metrics of Excellently Managing Vendor Trays - 1 CE

In this episode 4 of Season 21 of Beyond Clean, we're joined by the reprocessing tag-team of Tracy Raymond and Jen Barnickel from Vested Medical, to unravel the nuances of vendor-owned inventory management in the Sterile Processing space. The duo highlights the significance of syncing vendor inventory management with broader Sterile Processing objectives and discusses the pivotal metrics every member of the surgical workflow should have to stay informed. In our conversations, they shed light on optimizing OR and SPD scheduling, bridging communication gaps with vendors, and navigating the bottlenecks in the system. What role does quality management play regarding vendor trays?  What kinds of key performance indicators and benchmarks should you be aware of? Tune in to find out!


behind the software

How Our Tracking Systems are Made - 1 CE

In this season premiere episode of Beyond Clean Season 21 "SPD Data that Delivers", we welcome Lexie Hagel, VP of Operations at Surgio Health, to unravel the complex world of surgical instrument tracking systems from the inside. Lexie guides us from the initial stages of software ideation to implementation, explaining the trials and triumphs of software development along the way. She shares how instrument tracking companies try to strike the right balance between customization and standardization to cater to diverse customer needs, all while ensuring data privacy and accessibility. This interview will help you understand the challenges inherent to these technologies, learn about some of the "whys" behind data-driven solutions, and explore future trends in Sterile Processing instrument tracking. This insider's tour is not just about how tracking systems are made but also about how they're continuously improving to redefine our industry! We hope you enjoy!


I click what?

A How-To on Training High-Tech Techs - 1 CE

Our industry is increasingly becoming a high tech space. But are our technicians and training keeping up? In this week's episode of Beyond Clean, we're joined by Amanda Wilcox, CSPDT, the powerhouse Education Coordinator for Sterile Processing at UH Hospitals. Amanda takes us deep into the world of instrument tracking systems, sharing her wisdom on its significance in Sterile Processing and the common challenges technicians face regarding onboarding and training. With a wealth of experience under her belt, she unveils strategies for effective training, measures of training program success, and best practices to ensure technician competence regarding these systems. Listen in as Amanda tackles the common pitfalls during system implementation and offers actionable advice for departments grappling with or considering this technology.


A Resume that counts

Quality Data to Make You Stand
Out - 1 CE

Join us in this episode 3 of Season 21 on Beyond Clean as we focus in on "technician-specific" instrument data that will make your resume *POP* with industry expert Seamus Johnson, innovation leader at Censis Technologies. Discover the possibilities of capturing technician-specific data and how it can be leveraged by technicians and department leaders in resumes and job interviews, showcasing their skills and expertise. Tune in to explore the key data points and metrics in surgical instrument tracking that professionals should be aware of and learn how to effectively discuss and visualize them in your resume. Don't miss this important conversation on the future of personalized SPD data for career growth.

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