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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 22

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all things considered

The Big Picture of SPD Consumables - 1 CE

 Join us this week as we wrap up Season 22 "All 'Bout Consumables" with guest Robby Miller, Manager of Sterile Processing at Dignity Health's St. Joseph's Hospital, sharing his strategies for managing consumables at a high level. Robby shares tips on stewarding department resources through education, the place of consumables in process improvement, and leveraging vendor relationships to drive efficiency. We discuss considerations for implementing new products like trial periods and staff feedback, and Robby provides perspective on creating open communication channels so technicians feel comfortable surfacing product quality issues. Don't miss this insightful conversation about optimizing budgets, workflows, and staff engagement around consumables as you work to advance your department’s operational excellence!

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passing the clean test?

The Variables of Verification - 1 CE

Clean? Really Clean? Just a Dream? What does "Clean" even mean? Join us for this week's new release, featuring Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, an expert in decontamination science and cleaning verification fanatic! Listen in as we pitch Pawel some of the most important questions related to clinically relevant test soils, optimizing washer loading techniques, and adopting a critical thinking approach to achieving true cleanliness in our workflows. Get ready to hear all about emerging technologies like automation and AI in Sterile Processing, and the impact they may have on our conceptions of what's possible as 21st century #CleanFreaks! Tune in today! 

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Colors, changes, & Chemicals

A Conversation on CIs - 1 CE

This week on the Beyond Clean podcast, Breanna Paul, a member of the Beyond Clean Advisory Group, joins us to share her expertise and insights about types of indicators, proper use, troubleshooting issues, and best practices for consistent success. From placement tips to training tricks, she'll spill the tea on how to optimize workflows and build staff competency for this small-but-mighty sterility assurance tool! Tune in to learn why she believes chemical indicator errors happen and how to prevent them through muscle memory and tray maps. We'll even share how to take your indicator game up a notch with a simple acronym to help your team never forget them again! Hit play now to join the educational party!

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still sticking around

Thinking Through Residual Protein - 1 CE

This week, we sit down with Rory Burke, Lead Medical Supply Technician and Beyond Clean Advisory Group member to dive into the world of protein residue testing in Sterile Processing. Join us as we explore the differences between ATP and protein testing, workflow considerations, guidelines and standards for testing, and best practices for investigating failures. Rory will share his valuable frontline perspective on the importance of protein testing in monitoring cleaning effectiveness, aligning with our broader goal of #FightingDirty. Don't miss out on this enlightening conversation about optimizing quality and safety through cleaning verification testing!


Before you say i know

Breaking Down BIs - 1 CE

You won't want to miss this week's jam-packed episode - as we get hyped about biological indicators (BIs) with the one and only Adam Okada! Tune in for all the #CleanFreak facts about BI spores and essential tips for proper testing in your Sterile Processing department. We'll learn how to crush the common errors and misconceptions around BIs and talk about how you can dominate your BI documentation, every capsule, every time! Plus, Adam brings the heat with his insights around incubating, reading results, and more! Don't load another sterilizer without checking out this episode! 

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What does a bowie dick do?

A Deep Dive on Air vs. Sterilization - 1 CE

How well do you really know the Bowie Dick test? Join Donald Tumminelli as he kicks off our Season 22 premiere and unpacks the history, science, and purpose behind this crucial daily sterilizer challenge test and one of the least understood SPD consumable. Learn proper test pack placement, cycle parameters, result interpretation, and troubleshooting steps for failures. Discover the difference between assessing air removal vs sterilization efficacy. Uncover common myths and look ahead to potential future advancements. Tune in to master the Bowie Dick test to optimize patient safety, comply with standards, and keep your department running smoothly!

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The wide world of wrap

Working in a Sea of Blue Polyproplene - 1 CE

What's blue and has flaps? A bluebird. What's blue and can be folded? Blue jeans! What's blue and can save lives? Now THAT's a good question. This week, Sean Weir joins us to discuss the iconic blue wrap used to package surgical instruments all around the world. Sean shares his best practice tips for proper wrapping, the mistakes to avoid, and weighs in on the innovations currently available in the market. Sean's passion for education and advancing the Sterile Processing field shines through in this engaging conversation. Plus, tune in to discover why Sean is the record holder for the fastest wrapping time! Join us today!


beyond the bristle

A Little Brush Makes a Big Difference - 1 CE

"If there's a hole, brush it." That's the brushing philosophy of Carol Malone, AAB, CSPDT, CRCST, CIS, CHL Supervisor, Sterile Processing Education at UH Hospitals as she joins this episode of Beyond Clean to share her wealth of expertise on all things Sterile Processing brushes. Discover right and wrong brushing techniques, brush selection tips, and how to prevent reuse abuse. In this episode, you’ll find out where brushes should and should NOT reside—plus strategies to keep your sink stocked. 🪥 Also, get the inside scoop on collaborating across manufacturers for better brush compliance, as well as practical guidance to optimize your workflows. Your sink savvy will be off the charts after learning best practices to care for your cleaning tools! We hope you enjoy!

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