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COVID-19 & HVAC Special Report

It appears that recent research into the COVID-19 virus has narrowed to that of “transmission by droplet”. That being said, droplets include different types, with those of a larger diameter (micron-size) which, after expulsion from an infectious individual may drop to the ground or surface by gravity to be “cleaned” or “removed” through surface disinfection. Droplets also include those which, after expulsion from an infectious individual, may immediately evaporate (desiccate) and become airborne. These airborne droplet nuclei can remain suspended in the environment almost indefinably (depending on size) and can travel great distances in search of a susceptible host to infect. Unfortunately, they can be circulated throughout buildings in the air distributed by its HVAC system. This is a perfect time to diligently inspect your facilities HVAC system to insure “fresh” outdoor ventilation airflows are in check, and that air-filters are in place and clean. Properly designed, installed, and maintained, your buildings HVAC system can act as a frontline of defense against the transmission and spread of airborne viruses and pathogens of concern, helping provide safer and healthier environments for its occupants.


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