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Surgical Pack Storage

When it comes to maintaining the integrity of surgical packs, how they are stored is just as important as how they are transported and opened. There are several storage options available to help ensure that surgical packs are ready and safe for use.

The most common way of storing surgical packs is on traditional Flat Wire Shelving. Flat Wire Shelving is inexpensive and convenient since you can adjust the shelves to any height you want, however flat wire shelves have a raised edge and metal rods under the shelf that can leave surgical packs prone to ripping. Shelf covers can be used to mitigate this, but it will eat away at the cost savings and may require cleaning maintenance.

Waterfall Edge Shelving is ideal for surgical pack storage. Waterfall Edge Shelves hem the metal rods found under traditional Flat Wire Shelves in addition to having a smooth, rounded edge along the width of the shelf, replacing the raised edge on Flat Wire Shelving. This helps to eliminate damage to delicate items, such as surgical packs. Since these shelves are on posts like Flat Wire Shelving, you can adjust the shelves to the height you need.

Both Flat Wire and Waterfall Edge Shelving can be placed on Track Systems which can increase the storage capacity of a supply room by up to 50% without increasing the footprint. Since only one surgical pack is typically needed per case, you will increase operational efficiency when picking a case.


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