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Beyond Clean & Typhoon Advertising Announce a First-of-Its-Kind Talent Acquisition Collaboration

Updated: Jan 8

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Lancaster, PA, January 8, 2023 – In a pivotal move to bolster the efficiency and stability of permanent healthcare staffing, industry leaders Beyond Clean and Typhoon Advertising today announced a groundbreaking collaboration specifically designed to transform the recruitment of permanent sterile processing (SP) resources for health systems nationwide. This strategic approach redefines the landscape of healthcare recruiting, empowering departments with autonomy, cost-effective solutions, and a future-focused vision for department excellence.

Addressing a Critical Industry Need:

Hank Balch, Founder & President of Beyond Clean, recognizes the crucial role temporary staffing plays in healthcare. However, he emphasizes the urgent need for a robust, permanent recruitment pipeline. "Our partnership directly addresses this critical gap," Balch says. "By providing health systems with the tools and resources to build long-term, qualified SP teams, we're not only alleviating immediate staffing pressures but also fostering a more stable and efficient healthcare environment for years to come."

Empowering Teams with Innovative Solutions:

Dan Eisele, President/CEO of Typhoon Advertising, outlines the immediate benefits of the partnership. "Our innovative platform grants SP departments full control over their recruitment process, dramatically reducing costs and streamlining the hiring timeline," Eisele explains. "This includes faster job posting responses, enhanced candidate vetting, and the ability to tailor training programs to specific departmental needs. Ultimately, our goal is to empower SP teams, optimize their resources, and deliver tangible results for health systems."

A Strategic Approach to Talent Acquisition:

Beyond Clean and Typhoon Advertising's collaboration goes beyond mere recruitment. Their partnership offers a comprehensive, strategic approach to talent acquisition, built on four key pillars:

  • Autonomy and Control: SP departments gain complete ownership over their recruitment process, fostering a sense of empowerment and accountability.

  • Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency: Typhoon Advertising's platform reduces extraneous expenses associated with traditional recruitment methods, leading to significant cost savings for health systems.

  • Enhanced Training and Development: The partnership extends beyond job placement, offering robust training programs to equip candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles.

  • Improved Retention Rates: The focus on fostering a positive, supportive work environment and providing ongoing training opportunities contributes to higher employee retention rates, reducing turnover and its associated costs.

Expanding Reach and Cultivating Excellence:

This innovative collaboration doesn't stop at recruitment. Recognizing the importance of long-term talent development, the partnership offers access to a wide range of educational resources and development programs. These programs are designed to continuously upskill and empower SP professionals, ensuring a future workforce that is not only qualified but also deeply dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care.

A Future-Focused Vision:

Beyond Clean and Typhoon Advertising are committed to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Their collaboration is built on a foundation of continuous innovation and adaptation, ensuring that their recruitment strategies remain relevant, effective, and aligned with the highest standards of department excellence. This future-focused approach hardwires long-term success for both health systems and the dedicated professionals who serve within their sterile processing departments.

To learn more, click here or download our info-brochure below:

Beyond Clean & Typhoon Advertising
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Contact Information:

For more information on this groundbreaking collaboration and its impact on healthcare staffing solutions, please contact:

Dan Eisele, President & CEO

Typhoon Advertising



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